2 June - 14h 

Gentle Breezes

Médiathèque de Bourges

Commented public rehearsal with extracts of pieces played on clarinet, violin and Sampo in the presence of composers Samuel Hertz and Marcelo Carneiro.

Extraits des pièces :

Fabio Cifariello Ciardi : Finzione
Samuel Hertz : Mount Vision Variations
José Henrique Padovani : Viela
João Pedro Oliveira : Time Spell
Marcelo Carneiro : ALT
Jesper Nordin : Calm Like A Bomb

musiciens :

Opus Centrum Ensemble : Rachel Koblyakov - violin and Sampo, Cécilia Lemaître Sgard – clarinet and Sampo

2 June - 18h

The Winds of the New World

Médiathèque de Bourges

Cadoret violon anonyme

A concert of extraordinary and amazing sounds...

On the agenda, an alternation between violin and clarinet, between repertory pieces and world premieres. All these compositions have something in common: Sampo. This innovative instrument which takes its name from Finnish mythology brings a surprising richness to the sound capacities of any acoustic instrument.

Come discover a new world of sounds, through revisited compositions and the new works of three composers from the Americas, laureates of the Composition contest Concours de Bourges 2015. Samuel Hertz and Marcelo Carneiro  have come from Brazil and the USA to meet the public and share their experiences with Sampo.

During the concert we will also announce the 2016 laureates of the Contest.

Concert programme:

Concours de Bourges

2016 laureates - annuncement
2015 laureates - award ceremony


Fabio Cifariello Ciardi : Finzione
Samuel Hertz : Mount Vision Variations  *
José Henrique Padovani : Viela  *
João Pedro Oliveira : Time Spell
Marcelo Carneiro : ALT  *
Jesper Nordin : Calm Like A Bomb


* (World Premiere)

musiciens :

Opus Centrum Ensemble : Rachel Koblyakov - violin and Sampo, Cécilia Lemaître Sgard – clarinet and Sampo

3 June - 13h30

The Elements

Cinéma de la Maison de la Culture de Bourges


2016 Visu petit 3

Projection of multimedia works realized by artists from around the World.

This is the opportunity to dive into different sound and visual universes, to explore the various visions these artists may have on the common theme "the Elements".

How about yourselves? What does this theme represent to you? A discussion on your impressions will be proposed at the end of the concert in a convivial framework over a snack.


Concert programme :

Francesco Bossi (Italy) : Urban Landscape Fractures - Milano
Alejandro Casales (Mexico) : Cyhos
Michael Olson (USA) : Emergence
Christopher Coleman (Hong Kong) : Greater Than
Timothy Tan (Singapore) : Parasol
Tony Doyle (Great Britain) : SPS Etude 5.1
Alejandro Casales (Mexico) : MOD
Phivos-Angelos Kollias (France/Greece) : And If...
Rob Godman (Great Britain) : Faraday Waves
Reuben Jelleyman (New Zealand) : Nucleosynthesis
Roberto Zanata (Italy) : START – UP
Rocío Cano Valiño (Argentina) : Catarsis Sinusoidal
Julian Scordato (Italy) : Pulsion X
Andres Lewin-Richter (Spain) : Cordes (The Cocktail Party Effect)
Gerardo De Pasquale (Italy) : SGUARDO SOSPESO - RIFRAZIONI
João Pedro Oliveira (Brasil) : Hydatos


Works selected from the 2016 Call for works.

selection of the works:
Arturo Gervasoni and Robert Rudolf

video montage:
Alexander Mihalic