15 - 30 May 2020 - Cité du design


hologrammes carréThree-dimensional photography, as surprising as it may seem, is as old as "flat" photography (photography as we commonly know it today, two-dimensional). The principle of 3D photography is simple: it consists in reproducing the conditions of binocular vision. 

When two coherent beams of laser light meet, a figure of interferences is created, which is the basis of all holographic techniques.

The collection of holograms at the University of Aix-Marseille brings to light different types of holograms, made using different technical procedures.


19 - 30 May 2020 - Médiathèque de Tarentaize

Vies de mirages


Photographer Axelle Reboux proposes to explore different views of mirages : symbolic, abstract, emotional... All ways to see the mirage, the illusion in live.

She aims to capture the mirage in different formats to better interact with different personalities.

Having studied fine arts, history of arts and corporate documentation, Axelle Reboux picks up her camera to eternalize memories, to transfigure the state of "being" of people and things surroundign her.