How to make a hologram

20 May 2020 - OpenFactory42

hologramWhen two coherent beams of laser light meet, a figure of interferences is created, which is the basis of all holographic techniques.

3D photography consists in reproducing the conditions of binocular vision. Indeed, it is because we have two eyes (and a brain!) that we see in relief. The right and the left eye don't see exactly the same thing - one sees a little more to the right, the other a little more to the left. Our brain the treats the information received from both eyes, and based on the differences, it is able to "calculate" the relief. For the photography, we need to reproduce the conditions of the moment of taking the pictures at the moment of lookig at them.

During this workshop, the facilitator will create a hologram in front of the audience, explaining in a simple manner the basic concepts necessary to understand the procedure.


Transformed instruments

27 May 2020 - Médiathèque de Carnot

Sampo carré

Sampo is an innovative instrumental extension of the 21st century, whose purpose is to expand the sonorities of acoustic instruments. Independant of musical aesthetics, it is aimed at musicians from all backgrounds.

These connected instruments are a concentration of technology embedded in wooden boxes, decorated in an ancient style, all unique and hand-made in Saint-Etienne. An item designed to expand the sound field and free musical creativity.

Les participants, musiciens professionnels, amateurs ou siimples curieux, peuvent apporter leurs instruments pour les essayer avec le Sampo.