Rencontres Sampo couleur27 - 30 May 2020 - Saint-Etienne

The Sampo Meetings offer a space for sharing and exchanging ideas for people interested in the musical instrument Sampo - musicians, composers, researchers, programmers or simply curious minds.

This year, the Meetings will be oriented towards transmission of knowledge, with a workshop, concerts, round table and debates. User composers and performers, as well as developers, will be present to share their experiences and debate with the audience.

Sampo is an innovative instrument of the 21st century to increase the sonorities of any acoustic instrument. Independent of all musical aesthetics, Sampo adapts equally to improvisation, jazz, modern and contemporary music, providing access to the repertoire of mixed music.


Programme of the 2020 Meetings:

27 mai - Workshop: Transformed instruments

29 mai - Concert: Summer dreams

30 mai - Round table: Progression

30 mai - Recital: Beyond the piano

Sampo carré

27 May 2020

Workshop: Transformed instruments

19h - Médiathèque de Carnot

All instruments evolve with time. The goal is to enrich sound and create new sonorities. One of the means to achieve this is by adding external elements, most of the time mechanical ones.

During this workshop, amateur and professional musicians will be able to try the Sampo with their own instruments.


Chenal Couck carré 29 May 2020

Concert: Summer dreams

18h - Bourse du Travail

Sur le seuil de l’été, arrêtons-nous le temps d’un concert pour assister à la rencontre délicate entre instruments classiques et sons électroniques.

Sara Chenal (France) et Nico Couck (Belgique) interpréteront ce concert avec le Sampo. Les compositeurs lauréats du Concours Sampo 2020, Umut Eldem (Turquie / Belgique) et Philippe Hattat (France) présenteront leurs oeuvres pendant le concert, et un moment d'échange sera réservé pour rencontrer les artistes.

Table ronde 29 May 2020

Round table: Progression

10h - Conservatoire Massenet

Sampo users gather for a round table to share their experiences and participate in the development of the instrument through their suggestions. This round table will be an opportunity to return on this year's projects, with an emphasis on teaching.

This event is directed to both direct partners and users, and everyone else interested.

Free entry by registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sara Chenal

  violinist, France
Teacher at the Conservatory of the 9th district of Paris, France
Nico Couck
  guitarist, Belgium
Assistant professor of guitar and chamber music at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium
Umut Eldem   composer, Turkey / Belgium
Doctorate at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium
Arturo Gervasoni
  composer, France / Argentina
Teacher at the Conservatory of Saint-Nazaire, France
Philippe Hattat
  composer and pianist, France

Pascale Lazarus
  composer, France
Teacher at the Conservatory of Eybens, France
Alexander Mihalic
  composer and inventor of the Sampo, France
Head of Musinfo, France
Robert Rudolf
  composer, France / Slovakia
Teacher at the Conservatory of Noisy-le-Sec, France
Michaël Thizy
  pianist, France
Teacher at the Conservatory of Draguignan, France

Thizy carré30 May 2020

Recital: Beyond the piano

15h - Conservatoire Massenet

Michaël Thizy, former student of the Conservatory of Saint-Etienne, proposes to explore an original repertoire for piano.

This recital will implement a program going from classical piano to piano augmented with the Sampo. The result will be an astonishing performance where the different sounds mix up until making the piano unrecognizable to the ear.