Paintings : Damien Brohon, Music : Mikhail Malt

Galerie Metanoïa in Paris, May 18 to 23 2013 

installation temps-réel de sonificationStarting with a visual dynamic, a graph shape path, through a series of paintings by Damien Brohon. The paintings of the "cosmological exercises" were combined (based on chromatic and figurative similarity) in sets, from "mineral" to "human". A network of possible routes was established, with parameters allowing irregular "presentation time", statistically possible paths, and sequencing based on "crossfade".


The soundstage will be the sonification of visual space and its dynamics using four layers:

  • Bells, punctuating the start of a new series of paintings.
  • The harmonic background, the image is sampled to create a harmonic atmosphere sound, transposing color frequencies and other sound settings.
  • In a third layer, some color samples, statistically sampled, create almost melodic lines.
  • A final layer weaves "comments" by the materialization of images, gestures present in the spectral content of sounds.