4 May - 30 June 2021

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Can we trust our perception?

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen - Anaxagoras

Fascinating optical phenomena, mirages have inspired various legends and are sometimes assimilated to hallucinations. Indeed, in a figurative sense, the word mirage also refers to illusions and deceptive appearances. And yet, what we see in a mirage actually exists...

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The 7th edition of the Art & Science Days will take place online from 4 May to 30 June 2021.


••• Transitions •••

recital by Noémie Saintandré (violin and Sampo)

••• Metamorphoses •••

mixed music concert by Tiago Coimbra and Miho Hakamada


••• Self-production, self-publication: the mirage of bedridden literature •••

Jean-Michel Pinon

••• The mirage of language impoverishment •••

Fabien Cothenet

••• Augmented instruments / aural mirages •••

Alexander Mihalic


••• Lives of mirages •••

photography exhibition by Axelle Reboux

••• Mirages •••

audio-visual works from our call for works

••• Sampo - the digital music box •••

an exhibition on the development of a 21st century instrument


••• Transformed instruments •••

Performer Residency

8th Sampo Composition Contest & Residency

Call for work for composers and multimedia artists