Fabien Cothenet remporte les prix FIP et France Musique du concours Nouvoson

Fabien Cothenet wins FIP and France Musique Prize of Nouvoson contest by Radio France with "Le Jeu des mi".


"Le Jeu des mi was composed using one note for only sound material, the famous E from the glockenspiel of "Le Jeu des mille euros", somewhat twisted, distorted and mistreated.

I find it touching, almost moving that for 55 years the glockenspiel has not been replaced by a computer file. I like its crystal clear sound, as I like the music boxes, celestas or glockenspiel.

Making a purely electronic work out of it was a sacrilege but premeditated and assumed act!

I tried to imagine what it could become in the mid dreams of an auditor who would fall asleep during the few seconds the candidates think, the sound mixing with an old haunting melody, and then taking tormented or nostalgic accents."