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Bourges – April  / May 2016

Composers have always looked for links between the world surrounding them and the world they build. They seek rules and components in order to build their own universe. They seek the basic elements, the construction elements as the ones they see around them.

As part of the Art & Science Days, Musinfo proposes to composers and artists from around the world to participate in a call for a sound or multimedia work.

We dedicate the 2016 Call for work to the elements of nature, to the scientific or imaginary elements, to the elements of sound and music. 


Theme:                                                          Elements

The subject of this call is the relationship between science and arts in general and the link between elements and sound in particular. The works must either take their inspiration from scientific knowledge, or apply this knowledge in their compositional process.


Two categories of works will be accepted:
                         1) sound works - stereo or multitrack
                         2) multimedia works - audiovisual

Diffusion of the works:

A "concert selection" will be presented on June 3rd during the multimedia concert and an "installations selection" will be presented during listening sessions in a sound installation called Magic Boxes, all during the Art & Science Days 2016 in Bourges (June 1-7).

Participation requirements :

• This project is open to any composer, performer and sound artist.
• Any work that does not deal with the theme will not be selected.
The duration of the work must be between 3 and 5 minutes maximum.
• The work must be free of any rights of reproduction and distribution under the obvious subject to copyright.
• The sound work (non compressed aiff format) in stereo or 5.1 multitrack format (with its stereo version), or the multimedia work (5.1 audio with stero version; mov or avi format) should be sent via this specific form:
• The work will be kept in the  Sound Archives of Musinfo.
Participation in this project is approval of these terms and conditions.


Deadline for sending the work is May 15th, 2016 at midnight


Selected works:

Installation Sampo white
Installation Sampo black
Ardia Alfredo Studio N.1     X
Avantaggiato Massimo Vito Atlas of uncertainty     X
Blackburn Manuella Ice Breaker   X  
Blardony Sergio Tracto   X  
Bossi Francesco Urban Landscape Fractures - Milano X    
Busetta Marco Acqua esagonale   X  
Cano Valiño Rocío Catarsis Sinusoidal X    
Casales Alejandro Cyhos X    
Casales Alejandro MOD X    
Chan Chin Ting Zone 23     X
Coleman Christopher Greater Than X    
Doyle Tony SPS Etude 5.1 X    
Favotti Gino Issus de l'évolution     X
Godman Rob Faraday Waves X    
Jelleyman Reuben Nucleosynthesis X    
Kokoras Panayiotis Mnemonic Generator     X
Kollias Phivos-Angelos And If... X    
Koutrouvidis Nikos Des Airs, des Eaux et des Lieux     X
Lee Joungmin 3 sounds   X  
Lee Joungmin Heterogeneous     X
Lewin-Richter Andres Cordes (The Cocktail Party Effect) X    
Linde Alwin (van der) Glass Frequencies Geometry     X
Makovsky Stanislav Sintro     X
O'Brien Benjamin along the eaves   X  
Oliveira João Pedro Hydatos X    
Olson Michael Emergence X    
Pastorino Paolo Dimensione aggiuntiva     X
Reis Jaime Fluxus, Lift   X  
Robert Jonathan pHHp     X
Rodriguez Aldo  Landscape (2015)   X  
Royer-Artuso & Neugebauer Carex Siderosticta Plastid - Photosystem II   X  
Rudel Rey Demian Céfiro     X
Samsaminia Arshia Railroading in the East   X  
Sanchez Juan Manuel Birds Etude   X  
Santillán Alcocer Ana Paola ONEIROPHRENIA   X  
Scordato Julian Pulsion X X    
Tan Timothy Parasol X    
Terzaroli Anna Dark Path #4   X  
Thierauf Andy Deep Submerge Number 6     X
Vanderburg Kyle Reactions     X
Vidal Marie-Claude On arrête pas le progrès   X  
Wang Davide Sphairos   X  
Zanata Roberto START – UP X    



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