Katowice - Poland, 11 June 2019

Affiche sans logosConcert with three flutes and Sampo, by Alicja Lizer-Molitorys.

At the end of the Artex Katowice project and Alicja Lizer-Molitorys's residency in Saint-Etienne, came up the idea of reproducing a part of the Art & Science Days festival programme at the Karola Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice in the spirit of reciprocity.

The concert will be preceded by a mini-conference by Alexander Mihalic, presenting the Sampo and the Musinfo association.

In addition, the program will include a selection of works from the 2019 call for works.



1. Conference by Alexander Mihalic


2. Call for works

Kay Abaño (Philippines / Spain) and Maria Ponce (Mexico)


Notes Across Time
Omar Del Real (USA)   Palindrom (Entropy means nothing to me)
Cristian Fierbinteanu (Romania)   Adore
Konrad Handschuh (Poland)   Discobolus
Berndt Schumann (Germany)   Planquadrat II


3. Flute and Sampo recital by Alicja Lizer-Molitorys

Hongshuo Fan       Flowing Form
Przemyslaw Scheller   Geometria Paradoksu
Krzysztof Wolek   Arguro



Alicja Lizer-Molitorys

Flutist from Poland, Alicja Lizer-Molitorys enjoys an active career as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player, and teacher.

Since 2000 she has held the position of the principal flutist of the Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej. In recent years, Alicja has focused on further developing her skills in contemporary techniques.

Collaborating with aspiring composers she has commissioned and premiered several pieces written for solo flute and for Lorien Trio. She has performed at international festivals of contemporary music, and beloved flute took her to many different venues across Europe. In collaboration with Japanese pianist Rinko Yoshino, they perform alternately in Poland and Japan promoting music of their native countries..


Concert co-organized with Śląska Trybuna Kompozytorów in the framework of the Artex Katowice project, supported by Institut Français and the city of Saint-Etienne.