Affiche metamorphose musicaleMusical instruments are constantly evolving. The search for new sounds encourages to, on the one hand, invent new instruments and on the other, modify those that already exist.

The Sampo is an intuitive and autonomous solution for transforming the sound of acoustic instruments. The goal is to offer musicians an effective way for producing mixed music anywhere and without the need for computer skills.

With or without experience of mixed music, come test this new tool with your instruments at the end of the presentation!

Presentation of the Sampo by its creator Alexander Mihalic, with musical illustrations on the piano by Stéphane Orlando.


On 15 October 2021

- 12h15 at the Auditorium of the Royal Conservatory of Mons, rue de Nimy

- 19h, at the "Maison des Musiques", 39 rue Lebeau in 1000 Brussels (registration required by e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)