Marseille, October 15th - 18th


CMMR 2013Alexander MIHALIC, composer in residence at IMéRA - Institute for Advanced Studies of Aix-Marseille, participates in CMMR 2013 | Marseille - Sound, Music & Motion - Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA / CNRS)


On October 15, Alexander Mihalic presents "Sound Aquarium": an installation that was set up in the Department of physical measurement of Bourges IUT in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Martin, during the "sound and sonification" course.

His piece entitled DNA will be performed on October 16 in the concert which will take place at the théâtre des Bernardines at 9 pm.

Finally, he give a presentation on October 17 at 3:30 pm of his research on sonification of plasmas that he develops at IMéRA in collaboration with Alexandre Escarguel (PIIM, AMU / CNRS).