4 - 8 November 2020, Mexico

Affiche1Rebroadcasting of the works for clarinet and Sampo by composer Luisa Maria Alvarez Armesto.

The works written in the framework of the 2016 Sampo Composition Contest and premiered during the 2017 Art & Science Days by clarinetist Ivan Solano will be rebroadcast during the 8th edition of the Mexican festival Nuntempa, Festival of works of 20th and 21st centuries organised by the University of Veracruzana.

The Festival "Nuntempa, music of the 20th and 21st century" was conceived as an approach to the trends that marked the musical aesthetics of the 20th century and to the exploration of the new sound paths that have begun to develop in these first years of the 21st century.

The Festival, organized by Leonardo del Castillo, saw its first edition in 2013. The initiative was very well received and was soon known as the «Festival of Good Will», due to the fact that all the participants presented themselves in a completely disinterested way, without fees or interest involved, just for the taste and opportunity to make music and share it. This was the initial intention and hence the name that was chosen: the word «Nuntempa» comes from Esperanto and means «present times» «contemporaneity». Esperanto - a universal language, like music - was created by Ludwik Zamenhof with the hope that, through a single code of communication, the world could find the same path of fraternal union.

For its 8th edition, the festival will take place entirely online.


(Re)discover the works by Luisa Maria Alvarez Armesto on our Youtube channel: