19-23 June 2017



The fruit of imagination

One of the most profound mysteries of this world is its creation, its birth, its life... As Anaxagoras said, "Nothing of the things that exist ever dies; rather each thing, as it is separated from another, takes on a different shape." Thus the composer creates a new universe of sounds, forms, harmonies from what he knows, what he has learned...

We dedicate the 2017 Art & Science Days to sound and visual / scientific and imaginary creation.


see detailed programme here


(19 & 22 June 2017)

••• Live & multimedia concert •••

selection of works from the 2017 call for works

performances by Ensemble Utopik on an interactive sound treatment surface and Sampo

Composer : Arturo Gervasoni
  Performer: Ludovic Frochot (interactive surface)

••• Mixed music concert •••
(violin, flute, clarinet and Sampo)

Composers : Horacio Vaggione, Jean-Claude Risset, Petra Bachratá, Linda Buckley, Maria Alvarez*, Jeff Morris*, Clovis Schneider*
Musicians : Emma Lloyd (violin), Monika Streitová (flute) and Ivan Solano (clarinet).

* Winners of 2016 composition contest


(21 June 2017)

••• Science and Fantasy •••
Lecturer : Jeff Morris


(19 - 23 June 2017)

••• Sampo - the digital music box •••

exhibition on the development of a 21st century instrument

Pedagogical day

(20 June 2017)

First meeting in the framework of the RéDi-Musix project supported by the French Ministry of culture.

Presentation of Sampo

(21 June 2017)

Presentation and improvisations on Sampo at Espace Cowork'In in Bourges. Performances by musicians.

International composition contest for acoustic instrument and Sampo

(22 June 2017)

Announcement of 2017 contest winners during the mixed music concert.

Call for sound and mutimedia works

(19 June 2017)

International call for sound and multimedia artists. A selection will be presented during a multimedia concert.