1 - 4 June 2016


2016 Visu petit 3

Building blocks

Composers have always looked for links between the world surrounding them and the world they build. They seek rules and components in order to build their own universe. They seek the basic elements, the construction elements as the ones they see around them.

We dedicate the 2016 Art & Science Days to the elements of nature, to the scientific or imaginary elements, to the elements of sound and music.


See detailed program here


(2 &3 June 2016)

••• Mixed music concert •••
(violin, clarinet and Sampo)

Composers : Jesper Nordin, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, João Pedro Oliveira, José Padovani*, Marcelo Carneiro*, Samuel Hertz*
Performers : Rachel Koblyakov (violin) and Cécilia Lemaître Sgard (clarinet).

* Laureates of the 2015 composition contest


••• Multimedia concert •••

selection of pieces from the 2016 call for work


(1 & 3 June 2016)

••• Sciences (Bees) •••
Lecturers : Jean-Pierre Martin, Fabien Cothenet

••• Arts (Improvisations) •••
Lecturer : Benjamin Lévy

Multimedia installations

(1 - 4 June 2016)

••• Installations "Magic Boxes" •••

selection of works from international artists (call for work)

Workshops with Sampo music box

(4 June 2016)

New technologies serving new musical expressions.

Pedagogical day for musicians of all levels, amateurs and professionals:
presentation of Sampo, play and musical improvisation by the public.

International Composition Contest

(2 June 2016)

Announcement of the 2016 laureates during the mixed music concert.

Call for sound and multimedia works

(3 June 2016)

 International call for composers and sound or multimedia artists. A selection of works will be presented in multimedia installations an during a multimedia concert.