Musinfo Association was founded in 2003 following the creation of the research group Musinfo (the first group created in the AFIM) with a vocation for reflection, publication and teaching on the theme of formalization of music (calculation of music).

This theme specifically applies to the use of scientific tools in the fields:

  • assistance to composition
  • artificial Intelligence
  • algorithms in the field of composition
  • sound synthesis
  • analysis and processing of sounds
  • musicological analysis.

In addition to these areas research interests and activities of Musinfo are:

  • development of computer music in France;
  • research and study of sound and music from the point of view of art, science and technology;
  • research on gestural or automatic sound production and its organization;
  • development, teaching and promotion of computer music;
  • developing links and relationships with other sciences  and disciplines in France and abroad;
  • the creation and promotion of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, artistic, scientific and technological sound and music projects locally, nationally and internationally.