8 November 2023, Prague - Czech Republic

SampoPrague light

Flautist MONIKA ŠTREITOVÁ (Czech Republic/Portugal)
and composer ALEXANDER MIHALIČ (Slovakia/France)

The Sampo was created in 2014 by Alexander Mihalič (composer and founding member of Musinfo in Saint-Étienne, France) to facilitate the interpretation of electroacoustic repertoire without the need for a technical assistant. The workshop will approach the processes of preparation and performance of this repertoire, focusing on important aspects including: the ability to change the parameters of the effects in real time, trigger and manage soundfiles, using up to seven pedals. The sound quality requirements that arise in the preparation of compositions and the interaction of the acoustic instrument with the Sampo will also be discussed, so that the artists can actively participate in the process of performing the works.

FB1 Sampo CoteFluteB8 October 2021, Gland - Switzerland

Workshop to enlarge the flute’s sound field with the Sampo at the La Côte Flûte Festival in Switzerland. With Alexander Mihalic and Alicja Lizer-Molitorys.

Did you think that the sounds of the flute were unchangeable? Or that mixed music was out of your reach? Come discover the Sampo!

The Sampo is an intuitive and autonomous solution for transforming your flute into an augmented one. Through simple gestures, add to your playing delays, echoes, loops, transpositions, and many more. Numerous professional and amateur flutists as well as conservatories have already adopted the Sampo for their concerts, auditions, exams and competitions.


Robert Rudolf

MetaMallette is a device used to play music and computer-assisted music and images in real-time and in a group. Meta-Mallette uses algorithms that come from Puce Muse researches on the relationship between gesture, sound, and image in collaboration with other research centers.