Fabien Cothenet


Studies in literature, languages and sound techniques lead him to the position of assistant in the Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges from 2005 to 2010, and to teach English and French in several institutions in Nièvre until 2015. He also founded "Mémoire magnétique", an audiovisual digitization business, and is since 2015 a professional English - French translator.

His composer activity is quite sporadic but marked by interesting collaborations with Damien Maheu for an unusual and imaginative short animation film, the compagnie Esquimots for the music of a Eugene O'Neill play or Jean-Pierre Martin for the sound illustration of a microscopic journey. He won in 2013 the Fip and France Musique prize in the Nouvoson music contest for his piece "Le jeu des mi".

Benjamin Lévy

Photo LévyCurrently an electronic musician and a research engineer in a small company of audio technologies, Benjamin Lévy directed his career very early to the fusion between music and computer science with engineering studies and cello and composition studies at the Conservatory of Cergy-Pontoise. In 2008-2009 he does the ATIAM Master of sciences applied to music, and he does an internship around the improvisation software OMax by the Musical Representation Team at IRCAM. Fascinated by this project and combining the real-time, symbolism and direct musical creation, he continues the work in this team for almost five years and brilliantly defends his computer science thesis in December 2013 at IRCAM on this subject. During his works, he meets with various musicians through numerous improvised or studio written musical projects, on stage, for theater or with choreographers and continues today these artistic directions, pushing the integration of the computer as a real stage instrument.

Jean-Pierre Martin

JPMartinProfessor and researcher at the Physical Measurements Department of IUT Bourges, Jean-Pierre Martin has been working on bees for nearly ten years, and on three different axes:

Creation and development of tools for studying bees (e-hive)

Imaging using scanning electron microscope

Creation and development of tools for pedagogy related to bees. Creation of “apiscopes”: pedagogical project which uses bees as a pretext for school class activities.

2010-2012: work with Yves Trémorin in collaboration with the Bourges School of Fine Arts. Exposition at La Box gallery (Soleils Noirs – Black Suns), and in galleries (notable Michele Chaumette).

2013: Installation of 5 bee hives in the Noirlac Abbey parc, one of which was an e-hive.

2016: "Abeille" (Bee) at Noirlac Abbey