Performance and improvisation

Orlando NBStéphane Orlando

Pianist and composer Stéphane Orlando presides the Belgian Composers Forum since 2015. In 2001, he became an improviser at the Royal Film Archive of Belgium (Cinematek), providing accompaniment for over 500 silent films.

Currently he divides his time between music composition, improvisation concerts, and the teaching of composition, improvisation, piano, music history and computer music.

He currently works with the Sampo in his improvisation class at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in the framework of the SphinX project.



Mixed composition

Scheller couleur3Przemysław Scheller

Composer and musician of didgeridoo, Przemysław Scheller plays and collects ethnic instruments from around the world. Electronic media, in particular mixed music, play a big part in his creativity. He also seeks to combine different artistic domains, such as multimedia, interactive music and sound installations.

He teaches composition at the Music Academy of Katowice and at the New Media Department of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Silesia. He is also the artistic director of Silesian Composers' Tribune festival.

Local project leader for Artex Katowice in 2019, Przemyslaw introduced the Sampo in his composition class and organized several events related to the Sampo. He also composed and recorded an original work for flute and Sampo.


Augmented instrument practice

Mihalic NBAlexander Mihalic

A composer and PhD in musicology, Alexander Mihalic is the creator of the Sampo.

Having a passion for the link between science and art, he is particularly interested in gestural interfaces and the sonification of data. His career in different musical research centres led him to work with various composers and performers of mixed and electroacoustic music, and to observe the difficulties encountered in this field. These experiences encouraged him to search for a portable and autonomous means for performing mixed music - a research that led to the creation of the Sampo.

Alexander Mihalic is currently focusing on the development of the Sampo and on the management of Musinfo association, where he serves as Chairman.