Robert Rudolf

MetaMallette is a system allowing to play computer assisted music and video in real time and in groups. The MetaMallette makes use of algoriths based on research at Puce Muse in collaboration with other research centres on the relation between gesture, sound and image.



A sneak-preview with demonstrations of the system was given on February 19, 2014.

The workshop consists of four meetings during which participants will learn to handle the interface of the MetaMallette (joystick), to create audio and visual contents, and eventually, they will create multimedia works that will be played during the Art & Science Days and the Computer Music Days in collaboration with Musinfo and the School of Fine Arts in Bourges.

The joystick, usually used for games of flight simulation, has been set to play audio samples, to project images and video sequences. It is a gestural and intuitive interface that can be programmed. It offers several modes of audio play and image broadcast.


The workshops are given by Robert Rudolf
They take place in March, April and May.

26-27 Mars >10h30-12h30 and 14h-16h

9-10 April >10h30-12h30 and 14h-16h

7-8 Mayi >10h30-12h30 and 14h-16h

14, 15, 16 May >10h30-12h30 and 14h-16h


Concerts, 20h-22h :

19 May in Tours

21 May in Bourges

23 May in Orléans