4 May - 30 June 2021

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Can we trust our perception?

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen - Anaxagoras

Fascinating optical phenomena, mirages have inspired various legends and are sometimes assimilated to hallucinations. Indeed, in a figurative sense, the word mirage also refers to illusions and deceptive appearances. And yet, what we see in a mirage actually exists...


The 7th edition of the Art & Science Days will take place online from 4 May to 30 June 2021.

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••• Transitions •••

recital by Noémie Saintandré (violin and Sampo)

••• Improvised journey •••

improvisations by Nicolas Vincent (traditional instruments and Sampo)

••• Metamorphoses •••

mixed music concert by Tiago Coimbra and Miho Hakamada


••• Self-production, self-publication: the mirage of bedridden literature •••

Jean-Michel Pinon

••• The mirage of language impoverishment •••

Fabien Cothenet

••• Augmented instruments / aural mirages •••

Alexander Mihalic


••• Lives of mirages •••

photography exhibition by Axelle Reboux

••• Mirages •••

audio-visual works from our call for works

••• Sampo - the digital music box •••

an exhibition on the development of a 21st century instrument


••• Transformed instruments •••

Performer Residency

8th Sampo Composition Contest & Residency

Call for work for composers and multimedia artists