1 June

Galerie Pictura, 18h


Jean-Pierre Martin :

Braula: the End of a World

Braulas are small insects that used to live on bees. Hyperadapted to their hosts, the braulas can only live on honeybees. Since 1985 they have practically disappeared from Europe. In France they can only be found on the island of Ouessant. They are an outstanding piece of biodiversity.



Fabien Cothenet :


Musical composition on microscopic images of bees.

3 June

Galerie Pictura, 17h


Benjamin Lévy :

Improvised anatomy : mutations of a computer and bodies for musical improvisation

After a few years of studying improvisation with my cello, I have aimed these last ten years to introduce the computer as a tool for improvisation in various contexts, from musical theatre to jazz to baroque music and dance. Retracing some of these experiences, I will present my main IT tool, the OMax software of which I will shortly explain the functioning. I will also show a few counterexamples of improvisations without computer as well as some of my more recent lines of research.