1-4 June 2016

"Sampo - Magical boxes" Installation

Galerie Pictura & Médiathèque de Bourges


In Finnish mythology the Sampo is a magical object that will make its owner wealthy. An installation shows a box - Sampo, whose content is the wealth of the works of composers and scientists diffused inside of it. Their knowledge and expertise have been transcribed through their works in pictures and sound.


Sampos dans la cour


The audiovisual installations "Sampo - Magical Boxes" show audiovisual works collected during the 2016 Call for work on the theme "the Elements" : elements of naturen scientific and imaginary elements, elements of sound and music.

The works inside a box represent the intellectual and artistic wealth - knowledge and emotion - combined in one object that can be observed, watched and listened.


2016 Visu petit 3


Each box plays a sequence of selected works. You can discover the first one when visiting the media library Médiathèque de Bourges. The installation is located in the multimedia section on the second floor.

Two other installations are open to public at Galerie Pictura, surrounded by an exposition on alchemy.


Works selected for the installations :

Sampo Valkoinen (White)

Sergio Blardony (Spain) Tracto
Juan Manuel Sanchez (Venezuela) Birds Etude
Davide Wang (Italy) Sphairos
Marie-Claude Vidal (France) On arrête pas le progrès
Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer (Canada) ONEIROPHRENIA
Joungmin Lee (USA) 3 sounds
Jaime Reis (Portugal) Fluxus, Lift
Arshia Samsaminia (Georgia) Railroading in the East
Marco Busetta (Italy) Acqua esagonale
Benjamin O'Brien (France) along the eaves
Royer-Artuso & Neugebauer (Canada) Carex Siderosticta Plastid - Photosystem II
Aldo Rodriguez (Mexico) Landscape (2015)
Anna Terzaroli (Italy) Dark Path #4
Manuella Blackburn (United Kingdom) Ice Breaker


Sampo Musta (Black)

Demian Rudel Rey (Argentina) Céfiro
Massimo Vito Avantaggiato (Italy) Atlas of uncertainty
Paolo Pastorino (Italy) Dimensione aggiuntiva
Kyle Vanderburg (USA) Reactions
Gino Favotti (France) Issus de l'évolution
Joungmin Lee (USA) Heterogeneous
Panayiotis Kokoras (USA) Mnemonic Generator
Alfredo Ardia (Italy) Studio N.1
Nikos Koutrouvidis (France) Des Airs, des Eaux et des Lieux
Chin Ting Chan (USA) Zone 23
Andy Thierauf (USA) Deep Submerge Number 6
Alwin van der Linde (Spain) Glass Frequencies Geometry
Jonathan Robert (France) pHHp
Stanislav Makovsky (France) Sintro