Galerie Pictura – 1-5 June 2015;

Médiathèque de Bourges – 2-6 June 2015

"Sampo - Magical boxes" Installation

In Finnish mythology the Sampo is a magical object that will make its owner wealthy. An installation shows a box - Sampo, whose content is the wealth of the works of composers and scientists diffused inside of it. Their knowledge and expertise have been transcribed through their works in pictures and sound.


Audiovisual installations "Sampo - Magical Boxes" show audiovisual works collected during the call for work in 2015.

The works inside a box represent the intellectual and artistic wealth - knowledge and emotion - combined in one object that can be observed, watched and listened.

DSCN4972   Version 2

Each box (2 boxes in Gallerie Pictura and one box at the Library) plays a sequence of selected works.


Sampo Valkoinen (White)



Bucsis Inverted Rainbows
Scordato Constellations
Wang Birth of light
Vanderburg Cascades
Chan Of Metals and Electrons
Antas All That Glitters
Cheng Time of the eternal light
Hill Phase
Kokoras Anechoic Spin
Morris Harmonies (They Spin)
Oehlers Phreximus
Snow Optimal harmonic fidelity control
Payri Energía gris metálico


Sampo Ruskea (Medium)



Jensen Correlations
Courtis Hamiltonian Awn
Alexis Untitled#1
Sver Star formation
Warren Stainless Steel
Hadjigrudev “If i could hear the sun rays, they would sound like this”
Insana Light strategies
Kollias And if (s)he left off dreaming about you...
Searle Urban Beethoven II
Rodriguez El primer elemento



Sampo Musta (Black)



Wright The Reverse Color Organ
Herring [Uunttd]
Borza Fractus II
Zanata Force
Ardia Due [Processo #2]
Hernandez F.A.K. 120, part 2
Swilley Absolute Zero
Kuljuntausta Black Groove
Wu Subway Project No. 3
Sink To See in Color
Dixie Martian Evening