26 June 2018 - 17h


Médiathèque de Bourges

dessin scene Hiatus petit

Borrowed from Latin, hiatus, "the action of opening, opening", then, in linguistics, "the occurrence of two vowel sounds without pause or intervening consonantal sound"..
… the encounter of two vowels belonging to different syllables, appearing either from the succession of two words, or inside a word : re-enter, media, audio...

Words including hiatus — words chosen and joined together according to their possible approximations — give miniature improvisations ; then a longer improvisation harnessing the ideas of these miniatures.

Hiatus is an improvisation performance project with flute and clavecin whose sounds are triggered by the performer's movements.

Hiatus articulates the sounds of the flute (played directly) and those of th eclavecin (played via motion capturers) movements of one person and a single musical idea, in order to make a strong and perceptible musical gesture.


performer: Claire Marchal

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Performance followed by a presentation by David Boinnard, harpsichord builder.David Boinnard

For almost 40 years, David Boinnard has been shaping wood to restore the sounds of harpsichords as they could be heard in the Baroque period. For the sake of historicity, he seeks to understand how his predecessors from the 15th to 18th centuries manufactured instruments. Imbued with knowledge of the history and culture of an era, he rebuilds forgotten sounds by copying spinets, virginals and other clavecins. In his research of authenticity, he exercices curiosity and entrepreneurship: he is the first person to copy typical French instruments such as Thibault de Toulouse's harpsichords ; he doesn't hesitate to test natural gut strings on big instruments; with audaity he is the first one to restore a medieval portable clavicytherium according to a simple iconographic material. This eclecticism and curiosity naturally lead him to modern instrument making.

Benefiting from his profession of recreator of sounds, David Boinnard hasbeen working for a few years already on equipping his own acoustic instruments with MIDI capturers to connect them to current sound systems.

Hiatus, contact



27 June 2018 - 17h


Médiathèque de Bourges



“What then is time?” wondered Augustine of Hippo. “If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”

Diffusion of multimedia works realized by artists worldwide - a selection from the 5th call for works for composers and multimedia artists.

It is the opportunity to enter different sound and visual universes, to explore the various visions these artists can have on the theme "Time". 


Programme :


Michael Choi (USA)                              

Omar Del Real (USA)                                   

Sergio Gurrola (Mexico)                               

Tim Howle (UK)                  

Filipe Leitao (USA)                                         

Andres Lewin-Richter (Spain)               

Clovis McEvoy (Auckland)                                

Paolo Pastorino (Italy)                     

QUOD (Spain)            

Berndt Schumann (Germany)                  

David Snow (USA)                     

Martina Testen and Simon Šerc (Slovenia)                        

Fredy Vallejos (Ecuador)                  

David Ventura (Portugal)  

Vortichez (UK)                                          

One Second in the Light

Palindrom (Entropy means nothing to me)

The runner without a trace

False Memory of Normandy

Time Goes By

Time Machine with Voices

A Study In Virtual Reality Music

Velocità limite


Planquadrat II

La relativité pour les nuls

Before The Time

Relative Patterns 4


Want Water


selection of works :

Fabien Cothenet, Mikhail Malt

video editing :

Alexander Mihalic

28 June 2018 - 18h

The time of a breath

Médiathèque de Bourges

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Two wind instruments and a much wider range of sounds. That pretty well summarizes this unique concert with Sampo, an instrument of the 21st century.

Sampo is an innovative instrument that expands the sound field of acoustic instruments. Winner composers of the Composition contest for acoustic instrument and Sampo, Theodore Teichman (USA), Luis Carlos Martinez Wilde (Bolivia), Nikos Koutrouvidis (France / Greece) and Maurilio Cacciatore (Italy) make you discover new sounds with four world premiere works.

The concert programme also includes works selected by the performers, Monika Streitová and Serge Bertocchi, from the repertoire of mixed music: Barthélémy, Blardony, Cavanna, Gubitsch, Oliveira.

Thus we suggest a programme jointly constructed in their image by the winner composers and the performers.

Nikos Koutrouvidis and Maurilio Cacciatore, in residency in Bourges during the 2018 Art & Science Days, will be present to meet the public and personnally present their works.



Concert programme:

Composition contest for acoustic instrument and Sampo

Winners 2018 - prize ceremony


Claude Barthélémy

Sergio Blardony

Maurilio Cacciatore  

Bernard Cavanna

Tomas Gubitsch          

Nikos Koutrouvidis                                 

Luis Carlos Martinez Wilde  

João Pedro Oliveira            

Theodore Teichman


Nada al otro lado de la valla *

Pulse(s) *

Goutte d'or blues 

Des bords déments  

Le Presque-rien *

Cantamen *  

A Escada Estreita

Corporeal *

(saxophone and Sampo)

(flute and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

(flute and Sampo)

(flute and Sampo)

(flute and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

* (world premiere)



Opus Centrum Ensemble : Serge Bertocchi – saxophones and Sampo, Monika Streitová – flute and Sampo

29 June 2018 - 17h


Médiathèque de Bourges


Concert by conservatory students in the framework of the RéDi-Musix project. Partner conservatories have had Sampos at their use during one year, each of them having been able to use it as they wished playing either repertoire pieces or creating new works. This concert gives an insight to their work during this year 2017-2018.


Programme :

Gaëtan Gaborit

Quentin Judic

Jean-Claude Risset

Michel Zbar 

Continuum *

Petite pièce pour Saxo alto et Sampo *



(saxophone, video and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

(saxophone and Sampo)

(violin and Sampo)

 * (world premiere)



Elisa Fouquoire - violin and Sampo

Quentin Judic - saxophone and Sampo

Corentin Nagler - saxophone and Sampo