15 May 2019 - 16h

Next Level

Médiathèque de Tarentaize

Musician versus machine. A piece with a duration of exactly 1000 seconds. 1000 seconds of pure concentration, because the adversary is a computer that doesn't make mistakes...

Flutist Alicja Lizer-Molitorys has imagined a concentration game based on the piece Composition Arithmétique by Polish composer Artur Zagajewski.

It is a piece for piccolo flute and sound file that requires the performer to be very precise. The sounds of the piece recall those of 80's video games - a musical course full of adventures and plot twists.

Performed with the Sampo.

This event is organized in the framework of the Artex Katowice artistic exchange project, supported by the Institut français à Paris and the City of Saint-Etienne.

16 May 2019 - 20h


Cinémathèque de Saint-Etienne


picto JAS2019b

False or repressed memory? Juxtaposition of perception and memory? A sign of previous life, an illusion, a temporal anomaly? The eternal return of the same? The feeling of déjà-vu intrigues both artists, philosophers and scientists.

As part of the Art & Science Days, Musinfo proposes to composers and artists from around the world to participate in a call for a sound or multimedia work.

This multimedia concert will present a selection of works from the 6th Call for works on the theme Déjà-vu.

It is the opportunity to enter singular sound and visual universes, to explore the various visions these artists have on the given theme. 

Kay Abaño (Philippines / Spain) and Maria Ponce (Mexico)


Notes Across Time
Francesco Bossi (Italy)   Bâtons intérieurs minimaux
Omar Del Real (USA)   Palindrom (Entropy means nothing to me)
Cristian Fierbinteanu (Romania)   Adore
Konrad Handschuh (Poland)   Discobolus
Panayotis Kokoras (USA)   Mnemonic Generator
Richard Pressley (USA)   “…ailes sans plume” 
Ruud Roelofsen (USA)   On intimacy II
Dimitrios Savva (Cyprus)   Stous Theous
Berndt Schumann (Germany)   Planquadrat II

17 mai 2019 - 18h


Bourse du Travail de Saint-Etienne


Alicja et MarieThe acoustic sounds of the cello and of the flute mix with electronic sounds from Sampo in a delicate relation where they influence each other, depend on each other, complete each other to the extent of giving the impression that all sound arises from a single source.

The works evoke different worlds and eras, from traditional instruments to almost machine-like sounds.


End of residency concert for soloists Marie Ythier and Alicja Lizer-Molitorys and for the winner composers of the Composition contest for acoustic instrument and Sampo, Jean-François Charles and Hongshuo Fan. The composers will present their works personnally during the concert, and a moment of exchange will be reserved to meet the artists.


Sampo is an innovative instrument manufactured in Saint-Etienne, whose purpose is to augment the sounds of any acoustic instrument and therefore free musical creativity.

This event is organized in the framework of the Artex Katowice artistic exchange project, supported by Institut français à Paris and the City of Saint-Etienne.


José Luis Campana

Jean-François Charles

Hongshuo Fan

Przemyslaw Scheller

Isabel Urrutia

Krzysztof Wolek


* World premiere


Crossroads *

Masse pétrie *

Flowing Form *

Geometry of the Paradox *

Haziak *





cello and Sampo

cello and Sampo

flute and Sampo

flute and Sampo

cello and Sampo

flute and Sampo





Opus Centrum Ensemble: Alicja Lizer-Molitorys – flute and Sampo, Marie Ythier – cello and Sampo

18 May 2019 - 18h

A Night Journey

Musée de la Mine


On the occasion of the European Museum Night, Nicolas Vincent will play different instruments of popular traditions, transformed with Sampo. His performance will take you for a journey to other worlds.

Combining musical moments and presentations, Nicolas Vincent and Alexander Mihalic, creator of Sampo, make you discover the instruments used during this special night in the historic environment of the Mining Museum.