4 May 2021 at 20h


Let's stop for the time of a concert to assist to the delicate encounter between a classical instrument and electronic sounds. Like the light that bends in a mirage, the familiar soundscape is progressively distorted, deviated, until reappearing in a different shape. Let these transient mixtures carry yourself into parallel universes.

With her violin, Noémie Saintandré takes us from one atmosphere to another through four contemporary works that she performs with the Sampo.


João Pedro Oliveira       Magma    
Anna Rubin   Stolen Gold    
Umut Eldem   Bound    
Alice Shields   Kyrielle    


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Affiche voyage impro light

15 June 2021 at 20h

Improvised journey

Passionate about world instruments, Nicolas Vincent invites us to a musical journey. His improvisations take us to far away countries through the traditional sounds of the Oriental world.

But the journey goes even further, to unheard sound universes, where we may discover new timbres to these traditional instruments thanks to their augmentation with the Sampo. Open your ears and join us in this sonic exploration in the green setting of the source of Adoue.


Morin khuur
Kamancheh   Iran
Erhu   China
Mohan veena


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Metamorphoses programme

29 June 2021 at 20h


The loom transforms through its machinery and thanks to the expertise of the weaver, delicate threads into ribbons with sophisticated patterns. In the same way, the Sampo metamorphoses acoustic sound into music of complex and colorful texture.

Recorded in the historical setup of the Lacemaker's house museum in Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, this concert is the result of a collaboration between solo performers Tiago Coimbra (Portugal) and Miho Hakamada (Japan), artists-in-residency in Saint-Etienne, and winner composers of the 2021 Sampo Composition Contest, Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena (Spain) and Francesco Vitucci (Italy).



Tiago Coimbra – oboe and Sampo

Miho Hakamada – saxophone and Sampo



  Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena
  Izar *   oboe and Sampo
  Pierre Jodlowski   Le dernier songe de Samuel Beckett   saxophone and Sampo
  Dan Schwartz
  February Strike
  oboe and Sampo
  Sam Shin   Arrows beyond   oboe and Sampo
  Georgia Spiropoulos
  Saksti   saxophone and Sampo
  Francesco Vitucci
  At the Origin of *
  saxophone and Sampo

* World premiere


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Concert realized with the support from the i-Portunus mobility program.

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