19 June 2017 - 20h

Live and Multimedia concert

Cinéma de la Maison de la Culture de Bourges


Performance by pianist Ludovic Frochot on an interactive surface, invented by composer Arturo Gervasoni and realized by Musinfo.

Projection of multimedia works by artists from around the World - a selection from the 4th call for works for composers and multimedia artists.

It is the opportunity to enter different sound and visual universes, to explore the various visions these artists can have on the theme "Creation". 

Programme :

Arturo Gervasoni (Argentina, France)         

Renzo Filinich (Chile)                              

Alexander Senko (Russia)                                   

Joshua Carro (USA)                               

Matthew Whiteside (Scotland)                  

Et al (Mexico)                                         

Andrea Familari (Germany)                   

Matteo Polato (Italy)                                

Benjamin O’Brien (France)                     

Andres Lewin-Richter (Spain)            

Alejandro Brianza (Argentina)                  

Tristan Berger (Germany)                     

Christopher Lock (USA)                        

Alejandro Casales (Mexico)                  

Luca Forcucci (Switzerland)                            

Valentin Leverrier (France)                      

Pasquale D’Amico (Italy)                        

Felipe Otondo (Chile)                                       

Mechanical Area


Up and Away

[Sonic portraits in time]

Wave Function – Sketch One

Sierra Norte

Untitled – FINAL DRAFT

« Et vous que cherchez-vous ? »


Homage a Fibonacci



Moel Y Gaer, Bodfari


Music for Brainwaves

Le comsocalisme

My child is dreaming

Night study 2 (excerpt)



Ludovic Frochot - Mechanical Instrument

Video editing:

Alexander Mihalic

21 June 2017 - 18h


Médiathèque de Bourges

DSC 1563 light

A concert of extraordinary and surprising sounds... On the agenda, an alternation between violin, flute and clarinet, between repertoire pieces and World premieres. All these works have something in common: Sampo. This innovative instrument which takes its name from Finnish mythology brings a surprising richness to the sound capacities of any acoustic instrument.

Come discover a new world of sounds, through revisited compositions and the new works of three composers from Europe and the Americas, laureates of the Composition contest Concours de Bourges 2016.

Maria Alvarez (Belgium) and Jeff Morris (USA) will be present to meet the public and share their experiences with Sampo.


Composition Contest for acoustic instrument and Sampo

winners 2017 - announcement
winners 2016 - award ceremony


Maria Alvarez                

Horacio Vaggione                               

Jeff Morris              

Linda Buckley                         

Clovis Schneider

Jean-Claude Risset                         

Petra Bachratá                       

Lamento avant l’oubli * (clarinet and Sampo)      

Tar (clarinet and Sampo)

The Ballad of Duane Keys * (violin and Sampo)   

Do you remember the planets? (viola and Sampo)

Artic * (flute and Sampo)  

Passages (flute and Sampo) 

Luminiscencia (clarinet and Sampo)

* (world premiere)


Opus Centrum Ensemble : Emma Lloyd – violin, viola and Sampo, Ivan Solano – clarinet and Sampo, Monika Streitova – flute and Sampo