Bourges – 19 / 23 June 2017

interchange, education, culture, sciences

Day I / Encounters Terre

19 June 2017


20h   Ensemble Utopik (Cinéma de la Maison de la culture)

- Mechanical Area (Arturo Gervasoni)

A selection of sound and multimeia works from the 2017 Call for works

Performer: Ludovic Frochot (interactive surface)


Sampo - the digital music box (Galerie Pictura)

Day II / NetworkingAir

20 June 2017

Pedagogical day:                               

9h30-12h   Presentations (Galerie Pictura)

Presentation of the RéDi-Musix project, of partners, of the database for mixed music and of the new version of Sampo


13h30-17h   First steps (Galerie Pictura)

Distribution of Sampos to the partners




Sampo - the digital music box (Galerie Pictura)

Day III / SharingFeu

21 June 2017



12h-14h   Presentation of Sampo (Espace Cowork'In Bourges)


Performance by Theodore Teichman, composer in residency


18h   Science and Fantasy (Galerie Pictura)

Jeff Morris


 Sampo - the digital music box (Galerie Pictura)

Day IV / CreationEau

22 juin 2017



18h   Concert of the winners of the Composition contest (Médiathèque de Bourges)

Performers: Emma Lloyd (violin, viola), Monika Streitová (flute), Ivan Solano (clarinet)


Announcement of the 2017 winners

Award ceremony for 2016 winners

Artic : Flute and Sampo (Clovis Schneider, 3rd prize, World premiere)
The Ballad of Duane Keys : Violin and Sampo (Jeff Morris, 2nd prize, World premiere)
Lamento avant l'oubli : Clarinet and Sampo (Maria Alvarez, 1st prize, World premiere)
Do you remember the planets? : Viola and Sampo (Linda Buckley)
Tar : Clarinet and Sampo (Horacio Vaggione)
Passages : Violin and Sampo (Jean-Claude Risset)
Luminescence : Flute and Sampo (Petra Bachratá)

Exhibition :                                                              

Sampo - the digital music box (Galerie Pictura)

Day V / DiscoveringEau

23 June 2017


Open house:                               

14h-16h   Test session with Sampo  (Galerie Pictura)