Galerie Pictura - 20 June 2017


In the framework of our RéDi-Musix project, partner conservatories and music schools are invited to a pedagogical day in order to meet each other and exchange

9h30-12h :

Presentation of partner institutions
Présentation of the RéDi-Musix project
Update on the new database for mixed music
Presentation of the new version of Sampo
Presentation of scores et of transcribing pieces for Sampo

13h30-16h :

Distribution of Sampos

Effects testing

Exchanges on future partnerships between participants

Are in particular invited to the event, our official partners in the project.Sont invités à l'évènement notamment les partenaires officiels au projet :

• Conservatoire d’Annecy (CRR),
• Conservatoire Massenet à Saint-Étienne (CRR),
• Conservatoire de Saint-Nazaire (CRD),
• Conservatoire de Nantes (CRR),
• Conservatoire Francis Poulenc de Tours (CRR),
• Conservatoir Nadia et Lili Boulanger, Paris 9e
• Curso de Música Silva Monteiro


Petite violoniste    sampo et Violoncelle